Why Indigo?

The IndigoCard as a Platinum Mastercard is specifically designed for those credit card users whose credit is not ideal. As a bonus, your monthly Indigo card payments will be reported to all three major credit bureaus, which can help users to establish a resolute transaction history.

Pre-qualification now offers the capacity to review the offer without swaying the creditworthiness. The application will remain to be subjected as per the official norms to credit approval if account holders apply for an Indigo Card at the official site at IndigoCard.com.

Users can utilize Indigo’s 24/7 account management site to monitor their account activity, pay the account charges, view transactions, and check the current balance at www.indigocard.com. New users can even activate the new Indigo Card online.

Users can utilize the card to buy or rent commodities or services at the stores that accept the payments from the IndigoCard. Individuals can also utilize the card to get cash advances from their account at an ATM or present it at an organization that takes the card for this objective.

There are dollar restrictions for individual prepaid businesses and the officials may set a prepayment limit in the respective user name. Contact us for more data on prepayments appropriate to the account. Additionally, the officials may limit the IndigoCard account to a cash advance.

Before submitting the details for the IndigoCard Login, users have to agree to pay the firm and are accountable for all the amounts resulting from the approved usage of the card or account, including the interest and other expenses or charges acquired payable specifically in the US dollars.

This comprises those amounts for which users did not sign a sales letter or other records for the specified transaction. If users use their account number without giving the details must be accountable for the specific charges as per the norms mentioned at IndigoCard.com.