Credit Terminology

Many IndigoCard holders are significantly concerned about protection while entering their data through their cell phones, on the official site at However, it depends on which brand users got the number from and turned it in the correct format.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) – The yearly representation of the IndigoCard interest scale. Distinct scales on a credit card account can have unique APRs, for instance, Purchase APR or Prepaid APR.

Bankruptcy – A legal procedure that assists IndigoCard customers and businesses to get rid of their debts and pay their lenders. If users are available, the bankruptcy court will defend respective users against specific actions during the bankruptcy procedure, such as Collection actions.

Billing Statement – A printed record from the IndigoCard issuer that considers the users’ transactions, such as acquisitions, cash advances, interest statements, fees, credits, and payments.

Moreover, it also incorporates balance and credit data inclusive of payment during a particular billing cycle. It also incorporates other particulars, such as payback periods and other data.

Cash Advance – A cash advance on a credit IndigoCard Login account, typically utilized at ATMs, bank withdrawals, or preference checks. Typically, the issuer entrusts a transaction charge for an advance.

Charge-Off – An accounting term utilized to describe when an issuer commands that a credit card balance is no longspun an ascertained asset, but a format of the liability. Credit card accounts are ordinarily charged if they are 180 days past due. However, accounts can be appropriated for other reasons, such as bankruptcy or trickery.

Credit Reporting Agencies – A corporation that creates and manages consumption records and frequently participates in the selection or evaluation and retention of data in public records and credit reports, for the purpose of giving client reports to respective third parties.

Debt to Income Ratio – This is the connection between debt, inclusive of the credit card debt, and private income. Many IndigoCard lenders take the client’s debt-to-income ratio into consideration when evaluating credit.