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IndigoCard is an official credit card authoritatively by the Celtic bank which is based primarily in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Celtic Bank is a private bank licensed by the State of Utah. IndigoCard Login portal is specifically designed for individuals with unfortunate credit ratings.


IndigoCard Pay is a better-protected credit card service, which means users don’t have to worry about their balance or their credit score, and the card data is verified by three central services for protection speculations. The official IndigoCard Login site will open, so users will require to register & log into their account.

After entering the payment data, payment will go smoothly once the users have enrolled officially at

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The function of this card is to manage the online IndigoCard Login account and resolve issues with the card and clients’ online payment procedure.

IndigoCard Portal Registration Procedure

To manage the Indigo card, users must complete the registration process to access the account online. It is a surprisingly simple procedure and hereby users can easily follow the instructions given below to register at the official site.

  • First, to initiate the registration process, visit the link
  • Then users have to click on the Save tab.
  • Now, users have to enter certain details like account number, date of birth, and social security number in the registration section.
  • Next, click on the Next tab.
  • After that, follow the supplementary steps mention on the screen to complete the registration procedure.

Login Process To Access IndigoCard Account

Once the IndigoCard registration is complete, users will be advised to log in to the card account to view their entered data and card activities and all the carried out, canceled, and initiated transactions.

Accessing the account is comparatively easy and does not need much effort from the users’ side. The official site has attempted to design a secure and easy to utilize remote web portal.

  • First, go to the official IndigoCard Login website directly at
  • Next, users have to enter the Indigo Card credentials that they have registered during the registration procedure.
  • Then check that all the credentials are entered correctly.
  • Users must note that if they enter invalid credentials, their account will be locked out for the next 15 minutes.
  • After users have incarnated the login data, click on the login button to access the IndigoCard Account.

How Can I Activate IndigoCard Pay With Mobile?

If registered users don’t know anything about how to activate the IndigoCard Login account from their mobile, don’t worry as it is possible to activate the IndigoCard Login account and even access it from the mobile. Cardholders just require to follow the steps mentioned hereby to complete the procedure.

  • To activate the IndigoCard Pay Account, dial 1-866-946-9545.
  • Dial the number to call client service.
  • Communicate the data correctly to the client service representative.
  • Provide all the data and the card will be initiated soon for making the online transaction.

Pay Bills Online At

The Indigo Card was created for customers with lower than average credit and looking to raise their credit score by repaying on the noted time.

Monthly Bank Statements

IndigoCard Pay sends users a statement at the end of each billing cycle which is every month-end. If the account has a debit or credit of $ 1 or more, a balance that has been commissioned will be charged along with the interest.

Tax or as dictated by the official drafted norms. Users agree to pay us or pay any individual to which users may transfer and assign the account or amounts owed to the respective account in US dollars, directed to all the norms of this agreement.

Specified payments by check, money order, or any different variable instrument must be made in a method that is adequately convenient to us and to a financial institution in the United States equally.

Minimum Monthly Payment

The statistics for the minimum monthly payment is 7% of the new balance or $ 40, whichever is more comprehensive. If users decide not to pay any new balance in full, they must pay at least the least rhythmic amount.

Payment before the due date shown on the bank statement, at least 25 days after the termination date of the respective billing cycle. Your minimum monthly payment will also include any amount due or any amount by which the new balance exceeds your credit limit, whichever is greater.

If your new balance is less than or equal to your minimum monthly payment, the minimum monthly payment will approach the new balance. Payments must be presented with the payment coupon and in the cover fitted and in accordance with the other official instructions mentioned at

All payments accepted on this form and at this address before 5:00 p.m. ET on a regular banking day will be eventually credited to the respective IndigoCard Login account that day. If the payment is accepted on this form and at the address after 5:00 p.m. Eastern, the amount will be transferred for the next day’s billing cycle.

On a methodical business day, or anytime on a non-banking or working day, IndigoCard will credit the client’s account the next market day. Nonetheless, if the data on the payment term is a non-bank day, a payment accepted the next day that matches the above conditions will not be admitted as per the norms.

Users have to mandatorily allow at least seven enterprise days for presentation if the selected mode is through the mail. Payments the Indigo Card receives in a distinct other way or in any other way cannot be attributed from the day the bank will receive them.

If IndigoCard accepts payment in a position other than the address designated in the immediately preceding section, the may be delayed up to five days. This can result in late charges and supplementary interest charges and the IndigoCard Pay account may be reported due.

IndigoCard Login Portal Benefits

This IndigoCard has several privileges and Celtic Bank that is the issuer of the IndigoCard does provide particular details about it hereby.

  • Extended Warranty Protection – This doubles the warranty of an approved manufacturer up to a specific point in time.
  • MasterRental Coverage – Deactivate the rental car’s own protection against collisions and theft of approved vehicles.
  • Master RoadAssist Service – Seek assistance detecting emergency steering services such as altering tires, and fueling.
  • Travel Assistance Services – Provides data on trip travel planning, medical and constitutional assistance, etc.
  • Identity Theft Awareness Service – Provides restoration assistance if users are a victim of character theft.

Indigo Card Technology

In today’s digital environment, everything, inclusive of the money, has become virtual. It must be declared or received by credit card for better payment organizations. IndigoCard Login is one of those service providers that is comprehensive for direct and virtual debts.

They offer the most suitable travel credit cards to transfer and get money without geological constraints. They are particularly helpful for entrepreneurs in extraordinary volume purchases.

Advanced chip technology is established in these IndigoCard Pay cards to preserve them from unapproved usage. If simply a standard initial credit limit is needed, it is not required to accept a deposit. Users must note that it is important to pass the prequalification test before initiating the registration procedure at

It is comparatively easier than analyzing other credit card associations to get an approved credit card. This test does not affect the credit point or the advantages and weaknesses of the cards.

Payments are inscribed monthly to credit bureaus to check transaction history. Users have the right to customize indigo cards in unique colors and designs based on their personal preferences.

Similar to OpenSky and Capital Bank credit cards, Indigo Card offers replacement cards in the event of an accident report. In extension, there are certain cash-out features that allow users to comfortably and easily access their money anytime, anywhere at

Individuals also get cardholders with bonuses and awards that do not terminate as long as the account continues to remain open. Try these IndigoCard Pay cards to absolutely revolutionize periodic payments.

IndigoCard Login – Portable Access

Discover the full broadness and depth of the IndigoCard range in all levels on mobile devices or scan the barcode of a stock in-store, buy it immediately from the app. The barcode scanning feature also gives comfortable access to reviews, ratings, availability, and in-store acquisitions.

Mobile or the portal device users of the IndigoCard Login portal can extend and combine their gift arrangements along with availing targeted offers. Moreover, they can even adjust marketing presentations, and specific references to integrate their budget to the earlier affordable and ideally planned ranges and considerations.

In extension to hassle-free mobile shopping with the IndigoCard Login site online services, the official IndigoCard mobile app allows all the registered clients to access their dedication and membership recompenses.

Clients can comfortably enroll in the IndigoCard Login portal and get rewards programs, while current members take advantage of their Plum Rewards membership and have ready access to their rewards account, inclusive of scanning their card to the point.

With Indigo Card, campaigning to secure their 6 million award-winning members ‘gets even more’, the Indigo Card mobile app provides a way to quickly connect, get appropriate referrals, and check out the relevant updates. Users can even check the point redemption level updates or the number of points needed to advance to the succeeding level at

Official LoginIndigoCard
ServicesPay Online
AdvantagesIncrease Credit Scores
Issued ByCeltic Bank

What Are IndigoCard Charges & Interest Rates?

IndigoCard interest charges for a particular billing cycle incorporate the following which every user must acknowledge:-

  • the sum of which describes the total interest costs for a particular billing cycle.
  • The interest charge on the IndigoCard cash advance transaction fee is charged for each cash advance activity posted through a billing cycle of $ 5, or 5% of the value advance.
  • Any delinquent interest on the prepayment charge will be attached to the calculation of the average periodic prepayment balance.
  • IndigoCard Login portal will not calculate a cash advance activity fee for a term of one year from the date on which the user opened the account.
  • Periodic interest costs, calculated utilizing the applicable periodical cyclic rate or the periodic cyclic rates defined below in the calculation of acquisitions and advances.

Balance of regularly recurring charges and corresponding annual rates (APR) must be acknowledged by every cardholder. The normal daily balance of the cash advances inclusive of the new cash advances and also the average daily balance including new acquisitions.

However, if the total costs assessed are less than $ 0.50, the smallest interest charge of $ 0.50 will be implemented of these small amounts used as an interest rate on acquisitions as per the specified norms.

An interest cost at a currency translation rate is equal to 1% of the amount turned to United States dollars for a particular transaction, inclusive of the cash advances and purchases.

The interest expense for purchases is calculated from the date of each purchase using the applicable monthly interest rate and is applied to unpaid credits during which you still don’t pay.

However, IndigoCard Login platform does not charge interest from their valuable clients in the following conditions at platform:

  • If you paid the new balance at the beginning of the previous billing cycle before the payment due date in the earlier billing cycle, or if the new balance was $ 0 or a credit amount.
  • With the purpose of paying the new balance on the current bank description in full on the due date of the current billing cycle, particular interest rates on purchases will not be assessed for the complete billing cycle.


This Platinum Indigo MasterCard also has a separate official site for accessing the IndigoCard Login account, where account holders can enter their login data and use the account for various purposes. Additionally, helps users to improve their credit scores significantly.

Users can activate their Indigo card in two fundamental ways, on the web portal or by their phone with stable internet connectivity. Respective users just need to comprehend the addressed steps and their card will be activated for making several online transactions.

Using either of these plans will give users the ability to activate the Indigo Card without taking any particular action like visiting the bank brand periodically.

If users are looking for the best credit card services and easy registration, Indigo Card is the best option to consider. The best card to assist users is apparently the Indigo MasterCard. For more data on the or the IndigoCard Login portal, do reach out to us in the comment section below.

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