Am I Eligible?

The Indigo Platinum Mastercard was formed for credit card users with poor credit standing and have the intent to improve their credit. The Indigo Card has a pretty high support rating and can likewise be a candidate for the card by someone who has previously filed for failure.

In customary, is a plain, secured platform without complications and with the sole intention of improving the credit score for the registered users. It should be remarked that the Indigo Card particularly consists of three distinct cards, each with its individual annual charge, depending on the finances.

One unique aspect of the Indigo Card is that users can pre-qualify for the card without the requirement for any credit at Perverse credit applications are one aspect of the overall credit quality and can have a transitory negative impact on the credit.

Nevertheless, users must keep in mind that prequalification does not inevitably mean that they are insured to approve the Indigo Card and can easily access the IndigoCard Login portal.

After finishing the official Indigo Card prequalification form, users will receive one of the three-card alternatives; free annual membership, a $ 50 yearly card, or a $ 75 yearly membership price, depending on their financial position.

The better the position, the more suitable users are to be pre-qualified for the IndigoCard with no annual fee along with the online services accessible at

IndigoCard allows those with less than perfect balances the possibility to have a positive payment history externally the requirement for a deposit. Unlike a traditional debit card, the IndigoCard is recognized by the three major credit bureaus and users get the enumerated benefits of Mastercard fraud security.

Indigo Card is declared and issued by Celtic Bank and officially managed by Genesis FS Card Services, Inc. Celtic Bank is a well-settled FDIC insured Utah bank established in the year 2001 in Salt Lake City, Utah.