Rates & Fees

Individuals can easily access Indigo Platinum MasterCard Online that will be initiated as soon as they sign up for the online services. Nonetheless, users must be an account holder registered at the official site IndigoCard.com. It assists users to know how to log in, get or reset the password and username, and log in to access online.

Indigo Platinum Credit Card Fees & Charges

  • Purchase APR – Users will be charged 24.9% for the APR acquisition.
  • APR for cash advances – For the cash advance, the APR is 29.9%.
  • Minimum Interest Charge – The least interest charge for IndigoCard is $ 0.50.
  • Annual Dues – Users will be charged $ 75 for the first year of yearly dues. After the first year, users will have to pay a yearly fee of $ 99.
  • Prepayment – For the first year, the prepayment is $ 0 for the IndigoCard accountholders. After the primary year of opening an IndigoCard Login account, users will require to pay at least $ 5 prepayment or 5% of any prepayment.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 1% is credited for every foreign transaction.
  • Late Payment Fee – Users will be charged up to $ 40 in overdue payment charges.

Indigo Card Account can accessible by the users on the home page instantly at www.indigocard.com. The IndigoCard Login portal is safe and easier to use for new users. Users can securely activate and log into their account.

With the card, for instance, users can benefit from the yearly updates and transaction limits. For instance, users can access list management, pay bills and get bank statements online, and get general data about activities that take place 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The official name of the card is Indigo Card and users have to access the official site www.indigocard.com and which provides financial services. Once the Indigo Card is approved, users can choose their own card design and finish the transaction from private devices connected with a secure Internet connection.